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Zombie Charm Bracelets

Discussion in 'Rocktropia Crafting' started by mastermesh, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    Just looted a Zombie Charm Bracelet Remix BP? What the heck is the Bracelet used for. No info on it on bob the builder? Saw one on auction, but the item info screen doesn't give too many details... Says that it's too dangerous for avatars to wear but that you can harness the gems to create other useful tools? Do those tools bps exist yet, if so what are they?
  2. Fyrs

    Fyrs Moderator Forum Staff

    Is a mat used along with the other charms to make instance keys for the player bought instance bps (Melissa, RavenJade, theunicate, QueenB, and myself are currently owners of the player bought instance bps)
  3. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    good to know. Thanks.

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