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Important Why are all RT instances with bonus runs broken/bugged?

Discussion in 'Bug report' started by DropeD, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. DropeD

    DropeD New Member

    Why the hell this is still bugged? Every instance in Rocktropia, player owned and public (lockpicks and hell keys) are broken / bugged for years when we luckely got a bonus run...

    Arkadia works, calypso works, even battle simulator works! Yes i got there several bonus runs, from 50 to 190 pedder and we can see weekly big hofs there, all with the bonus run warning at start, or in last round in BS

    See the msg in this picture: Entropia 2019-04-11 16.33.28.jpg

    Of course the return is the same as all runs with or without msg, isntead of a bonus / lucky run where in other planets / BS you got a much bigger reward from a "loot pool" it seems.

  2. Dix T

    Dix T Member

    I have gotten some good loots ( multipliers, items) from instances when Ive gotten this message but I would guess its only 25% of the time. Usually, I just get a normal loot.

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