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Welcome to ROCKtropia ( ROCKtropia Mobile Phone )

Discussion in 'Rocktropia Missions' started by Denbrey, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Denbrey

    Denbrey New Member

    Hey, welcome to ROCK!

    Getting your ROCKtropia Mobile Phone is one of the first things you will want to do on Rock. Once you have an active phone you will be able to speak with npc’s that give you missions. As you explore and complete missions you may get messages and requests to do other missions too. The missions you get from owning a phone are mostly hunting and mining.

    The phone does have limited capacity though, and you may not be able to start some other missions while you have some phone missions active. They need to be completed, so don’t go around accepting every mission you get until you've done the one you are on. Having said that, the company has been failing to make regular updates and a number of ROCKtropia citizens are finding themselves increasingly frustrated with the lack of customer commitment they have been providing. Others have long given up, yet can be seen listening to the latest downloads around the streets of New Harlem.

    Mostly the Welcome to ROCKtropia chain is about getting orientated on the planet and interacting with npc’s and your Action Library. There was a time when avatars could be born on different planets, but now as you are born on Calypso you will now have done most of this type of thing already.

    Let’s get your phone.

    Tiffany is in Noobs Noobs Noobs getting down to the latest sounds of the New Harlem Coast mixed by DJ HOF. She has a friend she wants to introduce you to. You need to rock up to the joint and persuade the Bouncer to let you in.

    To The Noob Club!
    Speak with Big Boy at Noobs Noobs Noobs. Help him take care of the drunk dude in the corner, Tipsy Tony at end of line.

    Lying Larry inside Neverdie Savings & Loan Pawnshop next door.
    Big Boy again.

    Get a Gold Coin for Big Boy from Gus at Gas & Go station.
    Get a Glam Ingot for Big Boy from Gus at Gas & Go station.

    Start the next mission with Big Boy to get a ROCKtropia Record.

    Trey is sitting down listening to a ghettoblaster underneath a large Screen on the bridge construction, to the East of Noobs Noobs Noobs tp. Get the Record Time! mission from Trey.

    Boris the Bum is Northwest of Trey standing on the eastside of the brick building on the docks. Speak with Boris the Bum. He wants some smokes from a nearby Dumpster. Get those and give them to him. He should give you a ROCKtropia Record.

    Big Boy will now let you to Noobs Noobs Noobs where you can speak to Tiffany and her friend to get the ROCKtropia Mobile Phone.

    This mission chain doesn’t go further away from the club than around 400m. It’s all quite close so you dont need to go searching all over New Harlem.

    If something’s not quite right, please remember the mission may have changed in a subsequent vu/update. Post a comment or moan about it on the ROCKtropia channel [#rocktropia].
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  2. Juan Francisco

    Juan Francisco New Member

    wll, i have the phone since 2016 and NEVER receive a call from nothing.... i have some coords where phone must start to call me, but never do... and i repair the phone in Mike's 3 or more times... how can i receive callings and do missions? someone can help me?
  3. Sonnenschein

    Sonnenschein Moderator Forum Staff

    you only can use the trigger points if you done the quests in front of club neverdie from the police .
    if you earned your [ROCKtropia Police Badge] you get quests at some coords
  4. Juan Francisco

    Juan Francisco New Member

  5. Sonnenschein

    Sonnenschein Moderator Forum Staff

    you try to follow a 9 year old post in wich has rocktropia another coord system and dont know if this quest still is in game ?
  6. Juan Francisco

    Juan Francisco New Member

    i follow what i have... Franki called me near noobs, noobs, noobs 2 years ago, when i take the mobile, but i confused and hang out... never more mobile phone works and i like to know if its posible yet...

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