We need more AI!,,,


Oct 20, 2017
The U - First Floor
Regarding the below mission:

RT Missions
Mission Name: The AI War
Mission Broker: Sanctioned Weapons Dealer [136232, 85005, 238]
Prepaid Credit Card (2 PED TT)
Cheap A$$ Ammo (1 PED TT)
Paystub - 20 RockBucks Credit towards yearly payout (If you complete 260 missions in a year you can claim the RockBucks credited to your account)

The AI is hard, if not impossible to find as things are right now. I've been hunting vixen in the CND parking lot a lot the last few days and have not seen one AI yet. If they are there, the spawn rate appears to be really low, or they just are not there and we need a new spawn of them? I read on the old forum that there was a lot of kill stealing on them a while back... I suspect that that is still going on if they show up since they are so rare, if they exist at all? My suggestion might be to really ramp up the spawn level on them, or alternatively do something interesting like put them in an instance somewhere so that they are easier to find... More 'free' entrance instances like the one in the troll bar would be a good thing in my opinion.

If this is suppossed to be a daily mission you do 260 days a year, it's undoable as things are no imho since it's impossible to do one a day, much less 40 per day, most days a year.


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Sep 27, 2017
Virginia, USA
This mission is scheduled for fix in the Early December VU. We did not get an October VU update from MA after turning down two previous VU fixs.