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The Road to War ( BAMF HQ waypoints )

Discussion in 'Rocktropia Missions' started by Denbrey, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Denbrey

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    After completing the mission A Tank With No Gas where you help Sgt.Bill to refuel his tank by collecting oil from Gas & Go Docks, he debriefs your hapless success, and suggests you shape up to join the army by enlisting with Lt.Funk at Club Neverdie in City of Dreams. To start the Boot Camp mission chain you can go directly to BAMF HQ and speak with Drill Sgt.Breakerz. ( does this activate without phone ? confirmation required ).

    If you do not know where BAMF HQ is, The Road to War mission given by Lt.Funk will show you the way. From Club Neverdie at City of Dreams follow the road from the TP out past the pond to the main road. Lt.Funk is standing by the junction. Lt.Funk will not speak with you unless you have your ROCKtropia Mobile Phone ( see Welcome to ROCKtropia mission ).

    The Road to War provides you with a number of waypoints going from Lt.Funk to and over the cave at CND Lagoon. From here you follow waypoints on the road heading North past Motorhead Stadium and Old Harlem through to New Harlem Docks.

    At this point you get a waypoint entitled Cross the Waters to reach the Half-Way point. ROCKtropia citizens have been reporting signal issues at this site. The company has released the following statement "We have provided our citizens with the latest updates to fix issues around the New Harlem area. Our websocket relay polls irrefutably show they are simply not updating their software in line with their contracts and end user agreement. We recommend people adhere to the software installation and maintenance steps supplied with each ROCKtropia Mobile Phone to prevent signal interruption."

    But here is a good time to take a break. After you can perhaps do something else such as Keg Collecting ( see The Bar Fly mission ) and return later, or continue to BAMF HQ. A description of the location of the missing waypoint follows.

    The Half-Way Point. There are two small islands situated to the North at the entrance to the New Harlem bay. They are in a Northwest to Southeast configuration and are approximately the same size as each other. The waypoint is on the Southeastern island of these two. It is the same Island that has the Fort Harlem Teleport.

    The Fort Harlem TP can be found by going directly North from the letter 'a' in the New Harlem word written on the map. The waypoint can be found by running around the island until you find it.

    The rest of the waypoints now take you Northeast and up the West coast of infected landfill. Werewolfs abound, but can be avoided as long as you stay close to the shore. The TP for Infected Landfill is located towards the East of the island, at the same latitude as the Northern most point of the two green islands on the West of the map. Collect it if you are feeling brave enough to get through the Werewolfs.

    At the Northwest coast of Infected Landfill the waypoints take you over the small channel to BAMF HQ. Once you have reached BAMF HQ you complete The Road to War mission. A good idea is to continue into the BAMF HQ area and collect both of the tp's there. You can also start the Boot Camp missions by speaking with Drill Sgt.Breakerz standing at the central Industrial Power Generator facing North out towards a Zombie infested Zomhattan.
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