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The AI War

Discussion in 'Rocktropia Missions' started by Denbrey, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Denbrey

    Denbrey Member

    The AI War is a daily repeatable mission. Rewards are a Presidential 2 Ped Credit Card and a Presidential Pay Stub. There is also an option to recieve a reward of Rockbucks on an annual basis.

    On taking up the mission subsequent to your first completion, you receive a further 10.0k Cheap A$$ Ammo for your AI Hunter Pistol. After a few times you will need to purchase further AI Hunter Pistol from the Trade Terminal.

    An annual reward of Rockbucks is given out. When you complete the mission, the Presidential Recruiter/Sanctioned Weapons Dealer state something to the effect that your presidential account has been updated. Clarification is required as to what the mission text says at this stage. Please read it carefully when you complete the mission.

    It is also important to read the info on the Presidential Pay Stub once you have received it. Again take care to read this. You can view the item info by selecting the item, bringing up the context menu and selecting Item Info. View the Item Description by selecting the third icon from the left in the bottom panel.

    The item info indicates that you do need to collect your stubs as proof of the mission being completed. Currently indications are that 260 will be required to claim your annual reward of Rockbucks.

    Alternatively, should you not want to claim the long term reward, Presidential Pay Stub is also an ingredient for making a Ruxxnet Code. Three stubs are required, so you can collect all the ingredients needed, and refine into a Ruxxnet Code and sell that.

    Paystubs are no longer tradeable, so the options are to collect towards the annual reward or use for Ruxxnet Code.

    The first annual reward has not as yet been indicated to have been received by any Citizen. Whether it will be paid on a single day to all Citizens, or individually, according to when each Citizen first completed this mission, is a matter of much debate. Activities of the presidential office are highly guarded, but most citizens find themselves dreaming of what it would be like to be an AI Hunter earning so many Rockbucks.

    To collect the mission initially, speak to the Presidential Recruiter and Sanctioned Weapons Dealer standing in the parking lot on the north-east side of the Club-Neverdie building. Location position [136233, 85004, 238]. Return here after you have completed the mission to collect your rewards. Then you need to wait 24 hours before you are able to start the mission the next day.

    To complete this mission you need to hunt AI creatures. The AI creature has 4 health points. It is a bright yellow coloured creature with a humanoid appearance, dressed in black clothing, with a longblade weapon. AI are detected and subsequently painted by drones flying around Club Neverdie parking lot. In practice, it has been observed that a number of Vixen Android type creatures need to be hunted before an AI creature is detected.

    Creature Maturity: creatures are commonly referred to as mobs (short for mobile, as in movement). In general, there are different maturities of creature type, of differing difficulty to hunt. This is indicated by having a level number assigned to the front of the creature name. Nowadays the toughness of the creature is mainly referred to by its level. However, the level number does not appear in the global channel definition, having been implemented to aid discernment of creature maturity while playing. Creatures that do not have a nominative maturity hierarchy do now arise in-game, in particular, AI. These creatures show a level number in front of their name "L4 AI" and their global definition is only the nominative part "AI".

    The 50% damage rule: When hunting using auto-tools in an area with high creature density such as the Club Neverdie Parking Lot, turning and auto-targeting by your avatar of a creature that is being hunted by another avatar could potentially happen. It is understandable that such a situation may occur occasionally, but such action occuring repeatedly, or more times than would be naturally reasonable to expect, could potentially be considered as harrassment. Please take care not to target or hunt other avatars creatures.

    A hunted creature awards mission points to the avatar to have done the most damage to that creature. Consequently, this also means that all the loot from the creature will also go to that avatar. Taking advantage of this game mechanic, especially in a non-pvp area, can potentially be considered harassment and should not form part of any strategy to obtain mission points. So as to indicate why the mechanic exists, there are other parts of the game system where the most damage mechanic can be used as part of your strategy, such as team hunting. But that is not in scope for this mission.

    AI creatures have a puny amount of health points and the AI Hunter Pistol usually does not one-shot kill the AI creature. It can though, for example, when delivering a maximum critical hit. The mission is completed once you have killed 40 AI.

    Handy tip: start The Color Of Envy I before getting The AI War so that your Vixen Android hunting also count towards that mission. The Mission Broker is upstairs on the landing at the back of Club Neverdie.
    Note: Skills rewarded from missions may be worth more when starting missions once your avatar is maxed.

    2018-02-11 18:04 updated location and completion/restart time
    2018-02-11 17:35 updated to include creature damage mechanics considerations
    2018-03-12 16:10 amended Ruxxnet Card to Ruxxnet Code, and "L2 AI" to "L4 AI"
    2018-03-16 17:22 added annual reward of Rockbucks automatically logged.
    2018-03-18 21:32 updated to clarify pay stubs may need to be collected
    2019-08-27 10:00 updated Pay Stubs are no longer tradeable.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  2. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    really wish the ai could be put in an instance near or under cnd... either in a new basement room or a new instance door accessed from up in the vip room or off of the main dance floor somwhere.. maybe a basement under the bar? It's annoying as it is since many vixen hunters do just target next (I know I do, and have read others do too)... it's also just a side mission to the vixen mission as it is now since the ai don't spawn constantly... an instance just for them would be useful.
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  3. Denbrey

    Denbrey Member

    Thank You mastermesh, input on the Vixen and AI mission is needed. This thread is for mission description mostly, see the Vixen Mission Discussion at https://forum.neverdie.com/threads/vixen-mission-for-killpoints.189/

    But the missions are possibly related. Mostly people are thinking that AI spawn after a certain number of Shy are hunted. I am careful to say whether one mission is a side mission, as they are both missions in their own right. The AI mission completion is needed for one of the ingredients of the Ruxxnet Code. And that is used to spawn high Level Creatures at Empire Z Building Ruxxnet Terminal.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
  4. Percy

    Percy New Member

    What is a ruxxnet card and what does it do lol?
  5. JavenWTesla

    JavenWTesla New Member

    Percy it is used to make Ruxxnet Code which allows players to summom the biggest RT mobs.

    Thanks Denbrey for the write up :D
  6. Denbrey

    Denbrey Member

    Ruxxnet Code is the item, it is not a Card, there is no Ruxxnet Card, my mistake. I have amended this detail. An ingredient used to make a Ruxxnet Code is the Presidential Pay Stub.
  7. Velizari

    Velizari New Member

    Hi All! I passed the mission 260+ times but I did not get Rockbucks. I do not know if this is a bug or no such prize anymore. It would be good if someone could answer. I passed the mission for a little more than a year. I hope this is no problem because this mission constantly has bugs and it is impossible to passed faster...
  8. Denbrey

    Denbrey Member

    There have still not been any public declarations of the reward being recieved. And as we spoke in game, you mention that you are well on the way to collecting the stubs needed to claim the reward.

    There is still no clarification on whether the annual reward is provided on a specific date or that it is claimable once a certain number of Pay Stubs are handed in. It is the feeling that the stubs are required to be collected, and then the reward can be claimed. The info states that 260 are needed.

    I have updated that the stubs are no longer tradeable, and removed that they are sellable from the options. This also suggests that there may have been a mission accomplishment achieved requirement, hence the recruiter recording the achievement.

    While this is speculation, what would seem likely is that 260 missions are required to be achieved, while a lesser number of stubs actually required to claim the Rockbucks. Allowing a certain number of Ruxxnet Code to also be refined, within one annual period (260 missions). Until clarified, it is probably best to save the stubs until 260 missions completed, then any stubs returned or not collected, used to make Ruxxnet Code.

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