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Special requirement instances...

Discussion in 'Creating New Content' started by mastermesh, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    Watching the threads develop over at pcf lately in response to the first compet payout got me thinking that maybe more instances should be in game? I like what RT is doing with instances, but perhaps there needs to be more done.

    How about instances in Rocktropia that require different in game deeds that already exist as a key to enter? Could be some funny, some serious... the key won't be swallowed by the instnace, just a way to enter the instance... some of it could be funny as hell, others not so much...

    compet deed hold gets you in to instance to tame certain things... maybe some weird story line to it... break the pets out of the zoo or something?

    Calypso Land Deed gets you access to an instance that has one of every 'shared mob' available to Rocktropia, make it a daily instance or something... you kill one of each of the shared mobs in there?

    not sure aud or amd (ark moon deed) would get you an instance, but you could, doing something to poke fun and be parody of Arkadia in some way with RT style puns and humor...

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