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Important Rocktropia Planetside Guide Part 2 (Zombie Chain)

Discussion in 'Rocktropia Missions' started by Fyrs, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Fyrs

    Fyrs Moderator Forum Staff

    Mob/Location Maps:
    RT Map: http://tinyurl.com/RT-Map-New
    Harlem Mob Map: http://tinyurl.com/Harlem-Mob-RT

    Mobile Phone
    mission to unlock zombie chain and various repeatable missions:
    Hyperplex TP: 135277, 88167, 107
    noobs noobs noobs club SE if hyperplex TP

    Speak to big boy
    Speak to tipsy tony at end of line
    Speak to lying larry inside pawnshop next door to club
    Speak to big boy at club again
    Speak to Gus at petrol station across the road and get gold coin
    Go back to big boy
    Go back to gus and get glam ingot
    Give glam ingot to big boy and get next mission
    Go to try east down the road. Mission locator will show the way
    speak to boris the bum close to try. mission locator will show the way
    Go to dumpster. mission locator will show the way
    Go to boris and give smokes
    Go to big boy and give rocktropia record

    This gives you access to the club

    Speak to Tiffany on dance floor for cocktail

    Give Cynthia (on dance floor) the drink and , she will give you a cellphone


    Zombie mission chain
    Mission Name: The Road to War
    Mission Broker: LT Funk south of city of dreams : 136215,84726
    Go to cave entrance : 136063,84818
    Go to cave exit : 135723,84998
    Go to Main road: 135420,85058
    Follow the road north: 135128,85981
    Continue down the road: 135426,87127
    Get to the center of new harlm studios: 135462,87998
    Get to the docks: 135844,88390
    Cross the waters: Note the way point on the map is not correct instead go to 135756, 89245
    Reach the coast of zomhatten: 136490, 90339
    Follow the coast: 136587,92028
    Keep going: 136773,92709
    Head to BAMF HQ: 136449,93062
    Speak to Drill SGT Breakerz: 136189,93056

    This gives you the zombie mission chain Boot Camp. After finishing each kill count mission make sure you read the text as it tells you the next NPC to talk to, to receive the next kill count. Otherwise you just have to run around clicking on them all.

    Boot Camp (Zombie) mission chain
    Mission Name: Boot Camp 1 - Trail By Fire
    Mission Broker: Drill Sgt.Breakerz - (136188, 93055)
    Task: Kill 50 Zombies
    Reward: Weapons Handling 0.06 PED

    Mission Name: Boot Camp 2 - Bring The Pain
    Mission Broker: Cpt.Gruber - (136201, 93143)
    Task: Kill 100 Zombies
    Reward: Alertness 0.09 PED

    Mission Name: Boot Camp 3 - BioDome Defence
    Mission Broker: Staff Sgt.Ortez - (136061, 93112)
    Task: Kill 500 Zombies
    Reward: Dexterity 0.64 PED

    Mission Name: Boot Camp 4 - Hell Week
    Mission Broker: Senior Drill Ins. Rufio - (136076, 93024)
    Task: Kill 5,000 Zombies
    Reward: Evade 2.65 PED

    Mission Name: Boot Camp 5 - Graduation
    Mission Broker: Cmd. Striker - (136325, 93101)
    Task: Kill 10,000 Zombies
    Reward: Dodge 5.29 PED; 1 B.A.M.F Tactical Radio

    ** Upon completing boot camp you can start the National Guard mission chain below:

    National Guard (Zombie) mission chain

    ***Important note - ensure you have your BAMF Tactical Radio in your inventory before the last kill on each mission. some will try to update immediately after the last kill and others by sending you to an NPC that updates it. In each case, if you do not have the radio in your inventory (top level, not inside of a container) the mission will bug and you will have to abandon it and start it over.

    Mission Name: Community Service
    Mission Broker: National Guard Operations Officer [136287, 93000, 101]

    ***Important note If the NPC to start this next step does not give you the missions and tells you something along the lines of you must complete any missions you already have open, go to Mobile Mike to do a short mission to repair your radio. After the repair mission, you should be able to receive this mission.

    ***Important note about Mobile Mike: There is 2 mobile stands (1@Noobs Noobs Noobs TP and 2. near City of Dreams TP) and only Mobile Mike [136353, 84753, 237] @ City of Dreams gives Mobile Repair mission.

    Mission Name: National Guard - Tryouts
    Mission Broker: Sanchez - Sgt. BRAVO Company (136093, 94260)
    Task: Kill 1000 Zombies
    Reward: Weapons Handling 1.29 PED

    Mission Name: National Guard - Support Recon
    Mission Broker: Bruiser - Corp. FOXTROT Company (135537, 95118)
    Task: Kill 3000 Zombies
    Reward: Combat Reflexes 3.86 PED

    Mission Name: National Guard - Search for Charlie Company
    Mission Broker: Sgt. Bishop CHARLEY Company (137305, 94624) Then fly to the top of the building around 469 elevation.
    Mission Task: Kill 5000 Zombies

    Mission Name: National Guard - Power Grid Protection
    Mission Broker: Carmichael - Maj. XRAY Company (136599, 94267)
    Task: Kill 10,000 Zombies
    Reward: Aim 12.88 PED

    Mission Name: National Guard - The Advance
    Mission Broker: Petty - Cpt. GAMMA Company (134899, 95813) Then Return to (135570, 94727)
    Task: Kill 15,000 Zombies
    Reward: Aim 19.31 PED
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  2. Sandal

    Sandal New Member

    Just in case Mike isn't in the mood to respond, check if you maybe need a repair before the repair. The BAMF Tactical Radio has 1 PED maximum TT value and when it was at minimum he just wouldn't talk. This didn't occur to me at all until I chose to click "All" in the repair terminal once and the radio was taken in. I don't know if it was like that from beginning or if any action made it decay.

    Anyhow, by 99 pec lighter you can return to Mike, he'll give you an easy mission to kill 200 of anything, when that is done you get your phone debugged and sent on your way to repeat the Zombie mission stage you screwed up earlier. It had happened to me when I returned to RT after a pause and noticed I have only a few left to complete the National Guard Tryout, I proceeded to finish them without taking the radio out of storage. No loss about the zombies but the above is anything but intuitive to figure out.

    Maybe it would be possible to let Mike say a word when low repair state is the problem? Would have made a support case if I hadn't been lazy on earlier visits.

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