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Requests for new Content

Discussion in 'Creating New Content' started by Vic Skaya, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Vic Skaya

    Vic Skaya New Member

    Hello, after a long amount of thought, I had an idea of bringing tank battles to the Universe, under several adjustments to original Megingjord Mk1 stats to fit tank battles in the field or in close-quarter combat.

    I enjoy tank battling in games and would love bringing back the past to allow the tanks to be used for events, giving players a fun and thrilling time trying to rack up kills. I am guessing that there will be designated event areas or instances in various terrains and cities which could be used as settings of battles.

    I understand bringing tanks back would cause a bit of trouble in terms of PvP but with an adjusted Megingjord, the roads of Rocktropia can also be super cool with nice rides and people showing off their mechanized beasts.

    Any other ideas? I am interested in this topic!

    If this thread is in the wrong place. Feel free to move it.
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  2. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley Minister of Employment Forum Staff

    "bringing tanks back", what do you mean by this?
    Are they currently not possible to use? I'd be surprised about that!
  3. Vic Skaya

    Vic Skaya New Member

    Hey Amber, tanks are currently in-game but very rare. I am hoping for a new activity in-game involving the vehicle since it is quite cool looking and bring in players of games of other genres to enjoy something like how fps gamers enjoy BatSim.
  4. DocGray

    DocGray ROCKtropia Politician Forum Staff

    Please post any new content requests to this thread. Some of this might even make it into the game.
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  5. Hi. I originally posted this in the VR Forum, but was recommended by Fyrs to copy it over here.

    My Post :

    I have a couple of things I'd like to offer up for discussion for both citizens and government alike.

    1. A new official ingame Rocktropian Chat Channel (AKA #RTC), to be used ONLY by registered citizens of Rocktropia to offer suggestions and/or discuss Rocktropian issues. Just so those of us who are actually registered and have a voice in the goings-on of the planet can make whatever statements we wish to make without being interrupted by random chatter from non-registered players who are also on the present Rocktropian chat channel.

    I know that sounds a bit snooty, but I only wish that those of us that took the initiative to become registered citizens should have a channel that we can discussion on-planet issues, receive official notifications, etc. while ingame.

    2. This idea I shared with ND and he said I should talk with the government about it, and since I'm not too sure who to offer this suggestion to, I'll just mention it here and hopefully it will reach the right people.

    There are quite a few sweaters on Rocktropia, and unfortunately, there is no real market for sweat unless the sweaters use the sweat themselves, and some do, but on the whole, there's just no market for it because our economy isn't that active.

    So, i would like to suggest, for the benefit of ONLY registered Rocktropian citizens, with the intentional benefit of boosting Rocktropia's over all economy, a system be put in place where citizens can trade in their sweat for either universal ammo or some sort of low cost weapons or tools which will enable them to go out and hunt or mine, and possibly fill some sort of standing order for certain resources.

    I know that this type of system is already in place as a new mission, but this is intentioned to be something that citizens can do on a daily basis, which will offer a greater financial reward and benefit than the average low price that is offered for sweat and as it pertains only to citizens of Rocktropia, there wouldn't be a huge influx of sweaters flocking to trade in their sweat at Rocktropia. People wanting to take advantage of this benefit will have to go through the effort of actually becoming a registered Rocktropian Citizen.

    The "filling standing orders" idea wasn't part of the original idea,. but it is something to ponder over as well. The main goal is to specifically boost our own economy, so if that means that the listed resources that need to be found are all resources that are only found on our bp recipes, then that would be something that people can work for with some sort of benefit which pays its own way, the sweat being the currency needed to make the purchase. The way I worded this may be confusing so basically :

    1k of sweat = The option of either a weapon + ammo or mining tool + probes

    A list of resources needed and a general idea of what types of mobs or land areas these resources can be found in.

    A government official or NPC that offers experience or some other reward for the trade of a certain number of stacked resources.

    Those same resources, through official channels can be sold or auctioned off by our own government to people wanting to use our bps to craft items of interest.

    This can be an almost entirely closed system here on Rocktropia and can not only benefit our citizens and our economy, but any financial obligation to have this system work would see the peds being spent right back here on Rocktropia, so if it were set up properly, there's a good chance that a lot of those peds would never leave the planet, whether our citizens or others did.

    I don't disagree that setting this up will take quite a bit of effort, and the buying/rewarding for resources found or looted will also have to be figured out so that people will take an interest enough to want to use the system, but if it were possible to get people in general interested in Rocktropian BPs, specifically, then this could be an enclosed system that would encourage activity on Rocktropia.

    One other thing...as an after thought.

    I have recently invested 100 peds into the Chiee EntropiaFund. I understand that there is a land area here on Rocktropia that is owned by that fund. It might not hurt to look into how Chiee is making it possible for all of his investors to benefit being part of that fund and doing the same thing for all the registered citizens of Rocktropia. I, personally, wouldn't mind investing time, peds, or even resources into Rocktropia if there were some way to get some sort of benefit out of it. Even if it were some sort of low-cost free ride as I suggested with the sweat. (Which basically, it wouldn't be, considering how much effort that is put in to gather that sweat to begin with.)

    I hope that this is an idea that people find inspiring enough to discuss. Please share this with whoever you feel needs to see it.



    Additionally, I came up with this idea a couple days ago and sent it to DocGray ingame, but thought I may as well post it here as well :

    What if, there were a potted plant item that players could buy. Different ones, too....for different fruit, and you had to place fertilizer and maybe melch water on it in your inventory, like you do a space thruster on a quad or sleiph, and over the course of days or weeks, your potted plant matures and you can harvest fruit off the plant?

    This also would be something for only registered Rocktropian Citizens, which would entice other players of Entropia Universe to make their home Rocktropia.

    As a last thought, just now. Perhaps having perks in general, that would give advantage over average players, as long as they were registered citizens of Rocktropia, would also entice people to register as a Citizen and do their hunting, mining and trading right here on Rocktropia, with the rest of us.

    Just a bunch of thoughts, but I hope they're worthy of discussion, if nothing else.

    Thanks again, and see you online.

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  6. Dix T

    Dix T Member

    As far as sweat, how about some new grinding bp that uses sweat and one or two common Rt mats? Everyone knows how popular Ark's Lesser Elyssia bp is for grinding tailoring, since it just uses Lyst and sweat. Maybe mai tai and sweat to make a vehicle component to compete with Sandrunner cells?
  7. Alukat

    Alukat Active Member

    Or just let sexy top BPs drop again, then there's going to be a couple million sweat needed on a single day xD
  8. I had another idea about sweat today while chatting online, and even shared it online, but thought I'd share it here too, so it can be pondered over.

    We were discussing the issue with sweat prices being on the constant decline, and I suddenly had the thought that what if Rocktropia sweat were a different color, like maybe a darker red-brick color, and that only that red-brick sweat, gathered only on Rocktropia could be used in Rocktropian BPs?

    That's a neat idea. In fact, all the planets could do this. Therefore, making sweat a less universal commodity planet to planet and making it a far more valuable resource to be gathered.

    This would definitely increase demand for a product that is right now, far too abundant. Especially seeing that such a change would require people to transport different colored sweats from one planet to another, making each planet sweat more valuable depending on who's buying for what reason.

    This could quite literally re-industrialize the entire market of life-force sweating for the whole of Entropia Universe.

    What do you think?

    This one, I think I'll wait for responses, and then possibly share with MA through entropiauniverse.com. This one might be worth considering as I understand the sweat gathering concept was created to be some sort of tax write off to begin with. This may perk some sort of interest if it means boosting the demand/supply market within the Entropia Universe.
  9. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    saw someone mention something in game about the idea of missions to do the tree harvesting... could be interesting mission possibilities on RT... perhaps eco terrorists?

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