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My bigest achievment! Prison + 3 zombies chains done!!!

Discussion in 'Rocktropia Missions' started by DropeD, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. DropeD

    DropeD New Member

    Hello fellow rocktropians

    Since i arrived RT 5 years ago my plan was to do the existent zombie chain, boot camp.

    Took me over 1 year to complete the 5 stages
    Trail by fire - 50 zombies
    Bring the pain - 100 zombies
    Biodome defense - 500 zombies
    Hell week - 5000 zombies
    Graduation - 10000 zombies

    Total 15650 x 60 hps

    Did them all at biodome badlands, teen to slow prospectors

    After that came the prison, lost my mind at beginning of t4, where i was already down a few K peds, thx no Narfi i was able to end it at beggining of this year, no math need to be done here, just a small note, the last mission:

    The great escape: kill 10000 inmates (i did average 500 hp mobs) + kill 200 sharks (i did the smaller ones 2000 hp mobs).

    This part of mission alone put me down 3200 peds, where i got only 9 globals in 10k mobs of 500 hp

    Total 10000 x 500hp
    Total 200 x 2000hp

    Next was National Guard chain, took me a "few months"
    National Guard Tryouts: 1000 zombies
    National Guard Support Recon: 3000 zombies
    National Guard Search for Charlie Company: 5000 zombies
    National Guard Power Grid Protection: 10000 zombies
    National Guard The Advance: 15000 zombies

    Again in biodome badlands, lost a few k´s due to rush and overkill

    Total: 34000 x 60 hps

    Then in a talk with Juicy Fruit, my biggest "regret" since i play, was start The Cure!

    The Cure mission is to kill 50000 zombies only inteligent maturity (the biggest ones)

    I did 60% enforcer counting 2 points, 35% nomad counting 4 points and 5% prospectors counting 1 point. Why i regret? Cause i had to kill way over 100k mobs... but you ask how its possible when some mobs 1 count 4 points? Cause there is no spawn for only inteligent... for every inteligent killed i had to kill 1 2 or 3 nutcase maturity.

    Total: rounded to 650 hps mobs x 100000

    Worth the efort? dunno, was tedious as hell but i like this kind of grind :)

    Btw The Cure mission was done in 58 days :p thats some dmg/day

    Some numbers in The Cure mission: lost near 7k ped

    Thats some millions of damage you have to do. During all this 4 missions i cycled way over 100k peds, and they are all needed to acess The Cure, the last one that gives the Vacine / Mindkey

    Big thanks to Queenb, who suplied at fair prices most of the gear, Dix for great tips, Narfi ofc, without him i had stopped prison mission, Juicy Fruit for some great tips and some oinks to keep me going, and all the others who bought my loot so i can keep going.

    BTW, vacine will be available for sale soon.

    Entropia 2019-04-06 15.50.59.jpg

    Entropia 2019-04-06 15.57.53.jpg
    Entropia 2019-04-06 15.58.14.jpg Entropia 2019-04-06 16.46.07.jpg

    Happy Hoffing! Gl all
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  2. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    Well done ! GZ
  3. Queenb

    Queenb Member

    Gratz and I am very glad I was of help to you. Always working to do what I can.
  4. Dix T

    Dix T Active Member

    Big GZ, nice going! Yes it is strange that for many zombies the nutcases seem more aggro than the inteligents. I found if I was careful and used a decent tagger I could make 2/3 of my zombie kills intelligents rather than other mats, but still thats a lot of wasted kills for such a long mission.
    I keep hoping that the Mindkey will become tradeable at some point, but it still is not. So my recommendation for most folks that take the plunge for "The Cure" mission is to keep the biodome vaccine and not trade it in to the rogue trader.

    FYI, "The Cure" is repeatable :)
  5. DropeD

    DropeD New Member

    Ty all!

    Dix, the funny thing is nutcases gave the best loot, even a 1k pedder on the way and several globals, a lot more than intel ones!
  6. Soulman

    Soulman Member

    big gzs my friend well done

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