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Ministry of Bugs suggestions

Discussion in 'Bug report' started by theunicate, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    Wyndi report issue.
    I instructed player to zombie chain forum post but avatar says its not possible for him to get mission still.
    Wyndi wrote this to me:
    Wyndi: Bruiser - Corp.FOXTROT Company won't talk when i interact with him
  2. bigdaddy

    bigdaddy Member

    ***Important note - ensure you have your BAMF Tactical Radio in your inventory before the last kill on each mission. some will try to update immediately after the last kill and others by sending you to an NPC that updates it. In each case, if you do not have the radio in your inventory (top level, not inside of a container) the mission will bug and you will have to abandon it and start it over.

    from fyrs thread
  3. Wyndi9

    Wyndi9 New Member

    I did have the radio in my inventory and it was all fine because I checked it with mobile mike it wasn't broken. I have done all that was suggested by the thread and even other players tried to make other suggestions the NPC won't talk. I even checked I had no other police missions active.

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