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Ministry of Bugs suggestions

Discussion in 'Bug report' started by theunicate, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    Please post any bugs or issues you find below and i will keep a running post of these issues and submit them for correction with each VU.
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  2. Fyrs

    Fyrs Moderator Forum Staff

    Identified bugs:

    Instance Bugs:
    - Booty Raid solo for Lockpick II still not in game

    - The TP to Events function is not working properly. They all teleport to teh Zombie Kong wave area instead of the location of the events.
    1. Camp Crunk event should TP to here [133393, 93033, 104]
    2. Playa Del Harlem events should TP to here [135299, 89421, 101]
    3. Docklands events should TP to here [132706, 90845, 102]

    Gear Bugs:
    - [Wannabe Face Guard (M,L)] the image is missing in inventory and shows up as a X and when you wear it, it is invisible.
    - RT Melee weapons do not allow amplifiers
    - Grenade Launcher NGL-1 efficiency rating correct?

    Mission Bugs:
    - Road to War mission: "Cross the waters stage" to reach the half way marker - waypoint isn't there.
    - Zombie Mission Chain - Requirement to have BAMF radio on you at end of each stage should be removed. Is causing multiple problems with people needing to abandon chain and start previous stage over and in some cases not allowing them to start over at all (3k kill stage for example)

    - Black Snake Contract mission incorrectly says to kill green snakes. - Old Wolves mission (Diesel in Distress) incorrectly says to kill Things for Stage I but corrects to old wolves after the first stage is complete

    - Hiryuu mission (200 Pound Bench Press Workout) map marker in the wrong location
    - Dakiba Mission map marker in wrong location
    - Atrox mission (120 Pound Workout) map marker in the wrong location
    - Pop Dragon mission (Call of Duty) map marker in the wrong location - Elvis Dragon mission (Hauxley's Hound Dogs) map marker in the wrong location

    - Motorhead Security mission (Dominques Domination) map marker in the wrong location - Sumima mission (Punching Bag Workout) map marker in the wrong location
    - Joplin Dragon mission (The Commison of Vampire LeRoux) map marker in the wrong location
    - Morrison Dragon mission (The Curse of Vampire Ciera) map marker in the wrong location
    - Foul mission (The Hatred of Vampire Stephano) map marker in the wrong location
    - Werewolve mission (The History of Vamppire Helena) map marker in the wrong location
    - Motorhead Royalty mission (The Revenge of Montose) map marker in the wrong location
    - Vampire mission (The Rise of the Lycans) map marker in the wrong location
    - Phasm mission (The Tale of Vampire LeCroix) map marker in the wrong location
    - Garcia Dragon mission (The Will and Testament of Vampire Nostra) map marker in the wrong location
    - Wolves mission (Vampire Wars) map marker in the wrong location. note Scavenger or White Wolves work for this mission
    **To see the correct location for these mobs refer to the below map (with location legend):
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  3. lmtr14

    lmtr14 New Member

    -) the police call missions aren't working for me. I've followed multiple people's tales of how to trigger them but to no avail.

    -) road to war mission: cross the waters to reach the half way marker - waypoint isn't there. at all.

    -) all the noob missions at harlem are a clusterfuck and should be redesigned from scratch
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  4. lmtr14

    lmtr14 New Member

    I talked to all of the various npcs there including mobile mike. I have the mission "mobile mikes" completed. I do not have a police phone in my inventory (I don't think I ever had one). info on all these confusing things is sparse as hell too...

    right now mobile mike is telling me that I need to find a phone. however, I do have a rocktropia mobile phone in my inventory. pretty sure some flags are stuck in a wrong state in my case, mission might even work correctly for new players. but that doesn't help me though...
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  5. bigdaddy

    bigdaddy Member

    To get the police phone you need to do police academy missions first.
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  6. Fyrs

    Fyrs Moderator Forum Staff

    You have to have the police radio from the police academy mission to get the police dailies. Then once you have it, if you cannot get the police dailies it means it is broken and you have to do a mission from the Mobile Mike near CND Lagoon (you cannot use the one in New Harlem).
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  7. toecutter

    toecutter New Member

    I´ve seen that thread, didn´t help me much in this case though, but for this particular mission I actually used Fyrs "
    Consolidated Rocktropia Guide and info"

    ...and in that guide it says: "***Important note - ensure you have your BAMF Tactical Radio in your inventory before talking to the NPCs to complete each mission. If you do not, the mission will bug and you will have to abandon it and start it over. "

    Maybe change the wording here a bit for future use, coz when I finished the 2nd stage i.e. 3k kills, I actually never visited a NPC to hand in this particular mission, that was automatic and in my case as I didn´t have the tactical radio in my inventory at the given time of the 3k kill, it got abondoned by default no info what to do next or how to proceed to pick the mission up again, if even possible...seems it isn´t by the looks of it...

    ...also why create missions where an object in your inventory determines whether long grinding missions like this one succeeds or fails? I mean if this happend to me (and I´ve heard of a case like this) on the very last stage were the task is to kill 15k zombies, I would´ve quit the game, now I just take a break from the planet...and move on to planets that has a more forgiving/simple mission structure...

    Don´t get me wrong I love this planet and the fact that it marches to a different beat, however no place in the EU has caused me more ped loss due to buggs with instances and missions like RT...and that´s not a sustainable situation...

    Cheers mate, you will have my vote in upcoming elections aswell!

    Kind regards

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  8. Sandal

    Sandal New Member

    I took the first of the Police Academy missions for Forum Trolls after finishing Zombie Bootcamp 5 - Graduation. But killing some Forum Trolls in New Harlem didn't count. I assume if this was bound to a different location, information would have been given, or in case of other prerequisites taking up the mission would have been blocked in the first place.
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  9. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    Yep. Forum trolls at harlem dont work... only area around gate by cnd
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  10. DocGray

    DocGray ROCKtropia Politician Forum Staff

    very small bug but the lookpick X key shows a lockpick IX on the image.
  11. Queenb

    Queenb Member

    The teleport for Isle of Lost Avatars is not working properly for some people. They have to fly to the island instead of using the teleport. And people are deterred from coming to Isle of Lost Avatars & The Spare Tire Marina because of this. This needs to be addressed ASAP! Thank you, Queenb
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  12. DocGray

    DocGray ROCKtropia Politician Forum Staff

    Can confirm taking new players to tp and and them getting it but not saving it to use later.
    I wonder if this has something to do with all the switches that broke?
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  13. Roman Shumberg

    Roman Shumberg New Member

    I had the same issue almost an year ago. Here is how I have fixed it for myself, might be useful for someone else.

    Would be great if anyone could test it and post correct coordinates for "discovering" the TP.
  14. Fyrs

    Fyrs Moderator Forum Staff

    Hell TP in north center part of the map will not register for addition to your TP list. It will also not allow you to TP from it:
    [35276, 23967, 261]

    hell tp north .jpg
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  15. Fyrs

    Fyrs Moderator Forum Staff

    Not sure if bugged or something missing mission-wise but Malfunctioning Data Bot in north center hell shows as interactable but does not interact:
    [35095, 23939, 261]
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  16. Fyrs

    Fyrs Moderator Forum Staff

    RT Melee weapons and Melee amps:

    I spoke with ND about this when Chainsaw BNPs were added but RT specific melee weapons (L) and (uL) will not accept melee amps leaving them sub-par to other melee weapons in game. ND mentioned this could be change and was not intended - maybe look into this ?
  17. DocGray

    DocGray ROCKtropia Politician Forum Staff

    Found the exact point to get the tp. It is about a third of the way up the stairs

    Devs are working to fix it but in the mean time here it is.

    Attached Files:

  18. DocGray

    DocGray ROCKtropia Politician Forum Staff

    This is a mission chain for hunting the databots in hell and MA forgot to turn it on. It is now on and functioning. You need a green hack code to have full access.
  19. Sinner

    Sinner Member

    I forgot about the missions down there and will have to check em out! green hack code I assume drops no them?
  20. theunicate

    theunicate Administrator Forum Staff

    Green Hack Code is crafted.

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