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gta inspired ideas...

Discussion in 'Creating New Content' started by mastermesh, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. mastermesh

    mastermesh Member

    lets hear em! :)

    Vehicle painting, upgrades, etc.
    Mob/Mafia types with backstories
    Driving Missions
    Chase another vehicle missions (fond memories of gta vice city running around on motorcycle chasing some target on another cycle or in a car, etc., sometimes times missions)
    missions to move npcs from one point on map to another in vehicle

    ways to get cash by buying 'shops', etc. in game as a part of the game... we do have shops in game now, but no seedy bullcrap like gta had... more npc type stuff like that could be there potentially, especially if you tie it in to cryptocurrency crap.

    Police Station building and raids on it, etc.
    Military HQ and raids on it... including having to take out tanks, etc.

    storyline that actually has some story/history, connection to other parts of the story in it... http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_(3D_Universe)

    Mission chains that are story oriented and connected... In most of gta you have like 3-5 little missions or so tied to one npc... Calypso is getting better at doing that type of thing, but RT ain't yet. You have some small stuff like that with the police missions and prison stuff, but not much else... lots of possibilities with all of the different locations in game. Make every npc in game assign at least 5 mini-missions, with 1 of them being a repeatable...

    checkpoint races... with ai or other players...There are racetracks in game, but not much is done with them as far as actual game play goes.

    more uh... other type of activities that affect in game graphics and gameplay:

    (purple haze mission in gta is very memorable - high as a kite and it makes the controls go wonky as hell)

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