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Discussion in 'DRAGON KING report bugs' started by DocGray, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. DocGray

    DocGray ROCKtropia Politician Forum Staff

    Post issues you might have here so we can link them into chat
  2. DocGray

    DocGray ROCKtropia Politician Forum Staff

    Here is one bug where trying to sell a mage gets an error with no resolution.

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  3. Panther

    Panther New Member

    I never got my free dragon email :(
  4. Asher

    Asher New Member

    Same here, didn't get my free dragon.
  5. Dewey

    Dewey New Member

    Why is DragonKing removed from the Games Listings on the Neverdie wallet?
  6. SpawnBootcamp

    SpawnBootcamp New Member

    Where did alpha.neverdie.io go to? it's gone.. and I have my bitcoin wallet there????

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