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Discussion in 'Buying' started by Alukat, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Alukat

    Alukat Active Member

    More a list of stuff to hold onto, since i never know when i need which stuff.

    Mining - Ore:
    Alternative Ingot
    Belkar Ingot
    Blausariam Ingot
    Blues Ingot
    Copper Ingot
    Folk Ingot
    Frigulite Ingot
    Iolite Ingot
    Iron Ingot
    Lysterium Ingot
    Narcanisum Ingot
    Zinc Ingot

    Mining - Enmatter:
    Alicenies Gel
    Ares Powder
    Garcen Lubricant
    Hurricane Cocktail
    Long Island Cocktail
    Lytairian Powder
    Kamikaze Cocktail
    medical compress
    Fire Root Pellet

    Basic Wires
    Basic Relay
    Basic Servo
    Simple I Conductors
    Simple II Conductors
    Creative Juice

    Basic Stone extractor
    Surface Hardener Component
    Plumatergus Skin

    Hunting - Vixen:
    Audio Unit Modified
    CPU Memory Unit modified
    H-0-T Drive
    Metal Armor plating
    Power Transfer Cable
    Vixen Android Golden Arm
    Vixen Android Golden Leg

    Hunting - Werewolf:
    Mahogany Long Board
    Rosewood Short Board
    Paint Can (Blue)
    Werewolf Eye

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  2. Alukat

    Alukat Active Member

    Made an Update
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  3. Alukat

    Alukat Active Member

    Made another Update
  4. Alukat

    Alukat Active Member

    buying maple long boards @150% when back on rt.

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