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  1. Ketch

    Cap'n Ketch's LIBERTY CALL!

    Hi folks and belated Happy New Year! Unfortunately I have had a catastrophic failure of my computer so I will have to delay this service until I can get the situation resolved. If I manage to have access to the game and time to fly, I will announce any flights here. So please stay tuned and go...
  2. Ketch

    Cap'n Ketch's LIBERTY CALL!

    Additional flight scheduled: SATURDAY December 16th UTC 21:00 @ Brixton Bass Music, Tangerine. Return flight: TBD
  3. Ketch

    Cap'n Ketch's LIBERTY CALL!

    Yep sorry, a time change....doh, lol.
  4. Ketch

    Cap'n Ketch's LIBERTY CALL!

    That's true, it is, thanks Dix. I will also be offline that day, so Friday (24th @ 20:00 UTC) sounds good to me!
  5. Ketch

    Cap'n Ketch's LIBERTY CALL!

    NOW if there is another flight to be gathered by someone, set it up! PM me for the ticket deal and possible schedule, make it your own flight team and if it all works for me....we ROCK.
  6. Ketch

    Cap'n Ketch's LIBERTY CALL!

    let's do that, but seriously... I am offering a free warp and thank you Alukat for your sensitivity. HOWEVER, it is my intention to offer a free warp, both ways. While the multitudes would be nice, it doesn't matter if they are there to me, I simply love all my "ships" and want to use them...
  7. Ketch

    Cap'n Ketch's LIBERTY CALL!

    Thx Alukat, That sounds like a great plan, what does everyone think?
  8. Ketch

    Cap'n Ketch's LIBERTY CALL!

    Yw, I'm happy to hear that & thx for flying!
  9. Ketch

    Mining ROCKtropia mining resources

    Tetania and I spent a little time mining there Tues. and I think all of it can be found on the planet. However, the easy access to Secret Island changes the overall availability of the resources in regard to the player's experience while on Rocktropia. For those interested in what is there, I...
  10. Ketch

    Secret island Guide

    Mining resources of Secret Island: Tetania and I started a minor survey 10/25, another work in progress list for those adventuring to the region- Common: Adomosite, Belkar, Frigulite, Lysterium--Acid Root, Cave Sap, Crude Oil, Force Nexus So far we don't have enough information to classify...
  11. Ketch

    Cap'n Ketch's LIBERTY CALL!

    arrival bump
  12. Ketch

    What is in the October 2017 VU

    Perhaps there should be a BP/refiner recipe to create trollweed? (ex: # prison hooch + # melchi water) Accidental seeds in your cheap ass hooch would now be a good thing, too! :D That dispensary instance chain is a great idea tying all the various types of areas together, including player...
  13. Ketch

    The U Zoo & The One of Everything Project

    Great, I'll go take a peek!
  14. Ketch

    Brixton Bass Music

  15. PRINT SCREEN 2011-04-19 12-29-56[1]

    PRINT SCREEN 2011-04-19 12-29-56[1]

    Don't let this be YOU!
  16. PRINT SCREEN 2011-04-19 12-9-28

    PRINT SCREEN 2011-04-19 12-9-28

    remember when?
  17. Brixton Bass

    Brixton Bass

    The now incarcerated previous owner of our shop.
  18. Pubwall


    never surrender
  19. 40acres


  20. Persephone3


    Christening "Persephone" before the hostile and enforced renaming/demeaning of THE ships and ultimate destruction of player owned "space."