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New Profile Posts

  1. lukasArg
    Another hunter on rocktropia....
  2. maxvilnius
    maxvilnius DocGray
    hu how is possible to convert NDCi n TPT or other coins exchenge in some market as forkdelta? i waited swap tp TPT , but ndc delisted
  3. ShamanLegend
    Arrived on Rocktropia when it first opened, stayed 2 years when there were no Spacecraft and it cost 20 ped to TP to Calypso.
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  4. Ned_Stark
    New citizen of rocktropia ☻
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  5. King Scott
    King Scott
    The King is Here!
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  6. Bal
    Bal DocGray
    So the Government has no Minister of Agriculture. No wonder birdseed remains sparse, even AFTER this PP Update.
  7. theunicate
  8. theunicate
  9. theunicate
    Sunny Day Sunny Saturday
  10. theunicate
    posts on missions i made are open for discussion now ;)
  11. Elf_Winters
    Elf_Winters Alukat
    Why are all your posts about missions closed for reply?
    i thought a forum was for us all to share our knowledge and things we have found with the rest of RT population.
    1. Alukat
      huh? no idea, wasn't me ^^
      Jan 31, 2019
  12. theunicate
  13. Sinner
    Moved to RT finally!! Bringin everyone with me.. hopefully :)
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  14. theunicate
    preparing for xmas mayhem
  15. Elf_Winters
    Elf_Winters Sparticas
    What did you do to get Rocktropian of the month? Its a very nice star btw :^)
    1. Sparticas
      Helped Populate RT the first yr it came into existence. Yea the old one is nice. The new one's are all messed up. Wish I could sell it or rent it out.
      Dec 15, 2018
    2. Elf_Winters
      where are the new ones located?
      Dec 20, 2018
    3. Sparticas
      Across the street from the Club CND, on the ground. Was a mikes cell phone repair next to it at one time.
      Dec 23, 2018
  16. Sparticas
  17. Sparticas
    Firing up the crazy hoping to bring in some real users.
  18. theunicate
    problems with 2.factor are solved.yet not forget to pm me for acc validation.thx
  19. theunicate
  20. theunicate
    email confirmation activated , min username 3 characters , pm me for validation still worth. you have 7 days to pm from day of registration!