Angel of Shadows

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  • LocationQuebec, Canada
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I am a real Frenchie girl, that’s the FIRST (and only) thing you need to know about me. I can be very talkative at time (see the “I Like” Section below).

I like plushies, pets, (I always find awesome names for them…ask my friends), Friday Night’s Red wine (also Saturday’s but…sheesssh! It’s a secret). I like Pop Dragons, my PRX and hidding behind Taco when we’re killing Kongs. Favorite expressions : *Insert friend’s name here*… STOP BITCHING / NO WAY! My favorite color is turqoise, my favorite people are Chase & Taco & Kitty (and many others).

And, according to my friends in Teamspeak (who like to laugh at me) I have a “sexy” accent but…it’s only their opinion!
P.S. : There can be a (funny) “Troll Devil” hidding inside of me sometimes, it’s the price to pay to be an Angel you know…