2016-17 SEASON Underway.

Champions League is underway with the added dynamic of Mystery Boxes. During the First weekend Mystery Box II “Shark attack” and Mystery Box V “Ghost Ship” Proved most popular. 2016 MMOWC Winner Messi91 got off to a flying start wi

Skeezer is Supernatural on Halloween.

  Lightstar took the top spot with a 500+ Ped Storm Drake and finished with a very respectable 170 Points enabling him to keep the top spot in the overall standings with 1734 points after 10 Rounds for an Epic 173.4  per Round average. However Skeez

She Faps me, She faps me not!.

    during round 2 the Question of support Damage teams and Fapping arose and it was put to the players in chat to share their Views.  All voted against support damage and the majority voted against fapping support. Which makes complete sense a