How To Compete

Each Season there are 24 Events. You can compete in a maximum of 18 to Build your Score. Scores will be tallied each week to determine the Leaderboard.

The League Stand

To Register Visit the NEVERDIE Forum Champions League Profile Page and Post your profile so we can upload it to the Champions League Site. Its up to you if you want to compete throughout the Season or just Dabble. Of course you will have More chance of Cracking the Top 52 and Landing a Place on the 2015 Player Deck of Cards if you compete often.

There are a variety of Level mobs in Champions park with big Bonuses for the low maturity Mobs, so even low to mid Skill level players will be able to compete. In addition Each weekend there are two events. Most Loot and Highest Single loot. The Highest single Loot event allows for lower level players to Catch a break.

There are lots of Bonus Combinations for you to tackle to Boost your Score so even if you are not at the top of the leader Board it doesn’t mean you can’t come out on top points wise..

There are extra Bonuses to be earned if you connect your globals to your social profiles and if You stream Live on Twitch.

Taking Screenshots of your Globals is Essential in order for your Bonus Points to Qualify, So Download Entropia Tracker or Fraps and Rememeber to Upload your screeneis after the Event so we can Count

Your Scores

Champions League is a True Sporting Enterprise and the fun of the competition is almost as exciting as Winning.. Over the years there have been many surprises and upsets. So be encouraged to participate even if you are fresh off the boat. This is a great way to learn the ropes and get to know some true heroes of Entropia Universe…

You Can Buff Up the Kazoo, bring your pet for support or even run Mystery Box instances. The Universe is filled with a tremendous variety of Equipment including Event Gear.. its up to you how Hard you want .

To Go At It

Champions League will continue to develop and our goal is to turn the League into a Highly Competitive
Exciticing Spectator Sport. We hope you will do your part to help share the thrill. Each Week there will be Useful prizes to be won. At the End of the Year the Big prize will be to have your avatar immortalized on the annual Champions League Card Deck.. If you are on the Deck you will be able to order your first deck at no cost and only pay shipping costs.. Additional Decks will come with a fee.

Each Season we will be awarding the First part in a Full Set of unlimited Champions League Armor.There Will be 2 x 12 Week Seasons Per year . Competitors who participate in the max of 18 Rounds per season will pre-Qualify for the Massive Multiplayer World Championships at years end.

Where is Champions Park?

Champions Park is located on Secret Island, which is accessible via the interstellar Dragon at Club NEVERDIE on the planet ROCktropia.. The Travel agent will accept 1 Rotten banana worth 1 pec to cover the cost of your Trip… To return to Rocktropia from Secret Island the Pappoo will require 1 CND banana worth 1 Pec.

There is no fee to enter the event.

Most weekends you can tune into Live Commentary of the Event through the in world Streaming.

You can also Share the URL to the stream so your friends can listen out for your name on the leaderboard..

Also you can stream Live yourself on twitch and Build your Fan base!