Champions League is light on the Rules and heavy on the ways to score Bonus Points.. We don’t like making rules that are hard to enforce so we like to keep it simple..

1. Griefers and Trolls will be Disqualified in they insist on spoiling the Atmosphere.

2. You Must post Your Screenshots on the day of your event in order to Keep your Bonus Points.

3. Under certain conditions we may make an exception for computer issues. However this may affect your score so please do your best.

4. No Fappers or Support Damage teams or other nefarious tactics allowed.

5. We reserve the right to adjust the rules from week to week to keep things fair or to add more excitement.

6. DO Not Participate in any Rounds after Completing 18 Rounds or You will be Disqualified.

7. Only Mystery Boxes Looted During an Event can be used during the event.

8. Mystery Boxes are run in the order in which they are looted .

9. You Can only Score POINTS on A mystery BOX You have looted during the event. Purchased or Traded mystery Boxes are not eligible for Bonus Points.

9. You May Only RUN a Mystery Box instance if You are streaming Live on Twitch.

10. You have 60 seconds after Looting a Mystery Box to Post in Event Chat if U choose to RUN your Mystery Box.

11. If You choose to RUN Your Mystery Box, Quickly Paste your Twitch Stream URL in Event Chat.

12. When is broadcasting your Twitch Stream you will be notified in chat or by audio commentary to RUN Your MysteryBox. You 30 Seconds to Stop Hunting and to make your way to the Mystery Box entrance.

14. WARNING: You Run MYSTERY BOXES at Your Own Risk, You May get stuck in a Door or Booted or encounter another bug. You will not be compensated or be given another chance.